How to Manage a Large Project

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Large projects can be stressful, especially if it involves multiple teams, deadlines, and stages where things have to be complete in order to move forward. If you haven’t managed or worked with teams before, then how do you get started with keeping a massive project on task?

First, take a look at the people and resources you have around you. Often, several teams can help one another out while they are waiting for their part in the project to be improved or completed. Make sure that no one part of your team exists in a vacuum, and people and resources can easily flow where they are needed without distracting anyone.

Figure out a clear deadline that everyone can agree on for the different parts of the project, but also allow a bit of wiggle room. One of the major downfalls of large projects is that one part will get out of alignment, and theirs often no time to correct it before more parts start to fall off track and the whole project is derailed.

So, allow for some wiggle room, and this doesn’t mean that you should plan for accidents to happen, just have a way to handle them if they do. Because delays, family crises, and other problems will end up happening – regardless of how well-laid out your project planning and management new jersey.

Use collaboration tools such as Trello, Google Docs, and Flock to keep everyone on task and able to communicate with one another. If the members of your team can see the progress they have made and who’s still got work to do, it can motivate them to get the rest of the work done.

Also, no matter what, keep things positive and upbeat with your team. If morale is low then have a way to get it back up. This will help the team see it through to the end.